HERMES Mail - the continuation of Eudora - is ready for release!

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Nick Werner-Matavka

Jun 19, 2022, 3:22:48 AM6/19/22
Hello, world!

The pandemic has been quite a ride, and it has slowed us down hugely, but Team HERMES is still going. We have a real continuation of Eudora for Windows running on a modern PC; if you have been following our story, we have had to change the name (to HERMES Mail), but we are running the historic Eudora 7.1 code base, improved to work with Unicode and modern OpenSSL. This is not a re-creation, but a real revival of QUALCOMM Eudora.

We did a few little fundraisers before Covid hit, and that bought us time to get running, but until now our finances have been essentially a blank slate. The software is now, for all intents and purposes, complete. This time, we have a FIRM commitment to release to our testers on 1 AUGUST of THIS YEAR!

As proof positive that we have a product to release, please see our screenshots: and

If you wish to become a tester and be among the first to get access to this product, please chip in here:

In view of our proven success in this area (albeit delayed), we're aiming for five thousand Canadian dollars this time. That'll allow us to continue developing the Windows version (which will also run on Linux), and begin development on HERMES Mail for Mac.


Nick Werner-Matavka
Team Lead - HERMES
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