Gmail + OAuth without App Password and 2-Step Verification!! :-)

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Jul 10, 2022, 5:34:33 PM7/10/22
There is a way Eudora could still be used with gmail without App
Password and/or 2-Step Verification.

By using Email OAuth 2.0 Proxy (which is Python program) Eudora can
still be used exactly as before.

I tested both POP and IMAP access (even both in the same time) and
everything is working without problems.

Here is the link to the proxy:

Two weeks ago the program still didn't support POP but author added it
upon my request and it works very well:

The configuration takes some time but once everything is set up Eudora
again works as before without enabling App Password which requires
enabling 2-Step Verification and using a phone.

My suggestion is to first read through all closed issues and to use
some test gmail account to see how everything works. I was using
Windows 7 in virtual machine + Thunderbird + Eudora + TCPView +
Wireshark to debug the problem with Eudora + IMAP.

The proxy can run on the same computer as Eudora or on another computer
in the local network - it can even be Raspberry Pi or Orange Pi PC.

Porting the program to Python 2.x (for those who are still using
Windows XP) is work in progress.

Mark Ritschard

11:01 AM (6 hours ago) 11:01 AM
This is great! The proxy is installed an listening on my Windows 10 box, but Eudora throws an error: "Error getting network address for 'localhost:1995'; Cause: host not found"
How did you configure Eudora to get around this error?
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