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Gmail + OAuth without App Password and 2-Step Verification!! :-)

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Jul 10, 2022, 5:34:33 PM7/10/22
There is a way Eudora could still be used with gmail without App
Password and/or 2-Step Verification.

By using Email OAuth 2.0 Proxy (which is Python program) Eudora can
still be used exactly as before.

I tested both POP and IMAP access (even both in the same time) and
everything is working without problems.

Here is the link to the proxy:

Two weeks ago the program still didn't support POP but author added it
upon my request and it works very well:

The configuration takes some time but once everything is set up Eudora
again works as before without enabling App Password which requires
enabling 2-Step Verification and using a phone.

My suggestion is to first read through all closed issues and to use
some test gmail account to see how everything works. I was using
Windows 7 in virtual machine + Thunderbird + Eudora + TCPView +
Wireshark to debug the problem with Eudora + IMAP.

The proxy can run on the same computer as Eudora or on another computer
in the local network - it can even be Raspberry Pi or Orange Pi PC.

Porting the program to Python 2.x (for those who are still using
Windows XP) is work in progress.

Mark Ritschard

Jan 26, 2023, 11:01:10 AM1/26/23
This is great! The proxy is installed an listening on my Windows 10 box, but Eudora throws an error: "Error getting network address for 'localhost:1995'; Cause: host not found"
How did you configure Eudora to get around this error?
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