Can't change IMAP port

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Jul 10, 2022, 6:34:18 AM7/10/22
I've been doing some experiments with the proxy running at localhost
and I changed the ports using esoteric.epi to:

SMTP port: 1465
POP port: 1996
IMAP port: 1995

The changes for SMTP port and POP port work well but Eudora is still
using the default IMAP port 143, ignoring the setting in esoteric.epi
despite there is:


in eudora.ini file.

I am trying to change IMAP port because all ports used by the proxy
must be above 1023.

The version of Eudora is

BTW, I thought the icon in the Window title of Eudora is broken
but seems as the icon doesn't work in Windows XP only :-/ Now that I've
made a few virtual Windows XP and Windows 7 machines for testing I was
surprised the icon in Windows 7 was displayed as it should.
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