Proxy or relay for using Eudora with gmail?

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Jun 7, 2022, 2:38:24 PM6/7/22
Since this afternoon gmail stopped accepting Eudora login :-(

I hope someone will make some proxy or some kind of a relay to stand
between Eudora and gmail so we could still continue using the best
email client in the World.


Jun 7, 2022, 6:52:36 PM6/7/22
In article <>, Dennis Lee
Bieber <> says...
> Have you bothered to read any of the traffic in this group over the
> last month or more.

My mistake - I thought the new login system started from today and I
didn't check older posts.

> NO proxy or relay is needed. You just need to follow Google's
> instructions on how to generate an "app specific password" which you
> provide to Eudora INSTEAD of the password used by your Google login
> account.

Now that I've read through older posts - as I understand the only way
to enable App Password option is to first enable 2-Step Verification
and to enable 2-Step Verification Google needs a phone number?

Seems as all these changes are just to force the users giving their
phone numbers :-/

Until now I used gmail via Eudora or via browser when I wasn't at home
but even if I logged in through the browser when I was at home I always
used private window. If I now enable the 2-Step Verification I'll have
to receive SMS and enter the code every time when using a browser :-/

Sometimes I log in via browser many times in a day to check the chat
messages, now it would be very annoying if I had to receive the SMS
every time I want to log in.

Is it at least possible to temporarily enable 2-Step Verification to
generate the App Password and to then disable that option? Or would
disabling 2-Step Verification disable the generated App Password?

Thank you very much for your reply!



Jun 12, 2022, 4:51:00 PM6/12/22
In article <>, Dennis Lee
Bieber <> says...
> Enforcement started now -- but Google has posted notices about the
> change for months.

I know but I thought people would start finding a solution after Eudora
stops working.

> Two-Step verification is used by financial and medical institutions
> also. The entire purpose is to ensure that the person accessing the web
> page is the person with a (preferably previously provided) second contact
> method that is not available to a spoofer. Most often it is in the form of
> a random numeric code sent as a text message which must be entered within
> some limited time span.

That's what they tell but we all know the real reason behing all these
changes - collecting the data.

App Password is less secure than strong passwords used by some users.

If they had been concerned about security they would have disabled less
secure access forever but their main concern is the data.

I've been using gmail since the very beginning but as soon as they
would force giving the phone number I will stop using it.

> Once you have the "app password" you should be able to turn off the
> two-step process -- that should only be needed to access the web pages
> involved with changing security.

As I read that worked in the past but stopped working a few years ago
and then started working again but just for a while and just for some
users and now all App Passwords stop working as soon as user disables
two step verification.

Even if two step verification could be disabled upon generating App
Passwords, that would just a confirmation they wanted to collect as
many data as possible.

A lot of people lost access to their accounts after losing their phones
or after their SIM card stopped working. It is true there are one time
passwords which could be generated in advance in case something happens
with the phone but these have to be kept in a safe place too.

As you said, some other institutions are forcing 2-Step Verification
too but there are other ways of accessing the services as well. For
example, I can't use 2-Step Verification even if I wanted because I am
not using a smart phone :-)



Jul 10, 2022, 4:52:46 PM7/10/22
In article <>, Chupo
<> says...
To anwser myself:

There is a way Eudora could still be used with gmail without App
Password and/or 2-Step Verification.

By using Email OAuth 2.0 Proxy (which is Python program) Eudora can
still be used exactly as before.

I tested both POP and IMAP access (even both in the same time) and
everything is working without problems.

I will start another thread with more details about solution.
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