Announcing: New C like syntax for x++ (OO XML-based language)

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Kimanzi Mati

Sep 29, 2002, 11:19:31 PM9/29/02

x++, the object oriented XML-based programming language, now has an
alternate syntax that is similar to the C family of languages. The name of
the syntax is shortx, so called because it dramatically shortens the amount
of x++ code that you have to read or write. Templx, the x++ IDE translates
the shortx syntax into XML based x++ for you. Then you can run those XML
syntax x++ files on any x++ interpreter.

Details on shortx and the rest of x++ are available now at the x++ web site:

shortx brings out the benefits inherent in x++ because you don't have to
type as much any more. For instance, it is now easy to implement courier
messaging. A courier messenger is an x++ object that is sent via HTTP to a
remote x++ server. Once there it can do a whole batch of things and
implement fancy conditional logic so as to handle variant runtime conditions
and errors/exceptions. This reduces network traffic because all the myriad
tasks done by the object are all performed at the remote server. Once the
grand mission is accomplished the result(s) are sent back to the sender.
Examples of such code can be found in the XppDemo download which is
available at the x++ web site.

All the source code for Templx and the x++ interpreters that understand both
syntaxes are written in C++ and run on the Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP
operating systems. Both executables and source code are available at the
x++ web site.

Thanks for your time,
Kimanzi Mati

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