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Dec 22, 2021, 6:52:50 PM12/22/21
Is anyone experienced in building an Android app that would scan a barcode and talk to a Windows server where a dbf file exists to update the dbf?

What I would like is to have an Android based barcode scanner. Scan the stock number, tell me where in the warehouse the product should be stored.

Or scan the stock number and update it's warehouse location.

Ella Stern

Dec 23, 2021, 11:58:59 AM12/23/21
Two modules:
1. Mobile application (client) built in Android Studio or Visual Studio, or no-code solution like App Inventor, or a JavaScript app
- when started for the first time, the app requests permission to access the cam
- uses REST API calls to communicate with the server application (middleware)

2. The middleware is receiving calls from the client (exposing the REST API endpoints to authenticated users), and is accomplishing the necessary operations in your database (whatever data store you have).


Dec 23, 2021, 11:59:35 AM12/23/21
Dear Wally:
Not telling you anything you probably don't already know, but most QR scanners on phones generate an "internet address" and pass it on to a browser session. Easiest to ride the horse in the direction it is going.

So if you had a local web server, accessible over your local network, you could have it serve up a database view / edit screen to display in the phone's browser session.

Is your database and possible server located in the same facility, in the same set of IP addresses?

No I cannot help with developing your app. Just trying to get juices flowing.

David A. Smith
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