Testing request for new NT socket driver

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Scott Redman

May 12, 1999, 3:00:00 AM5/12/99
In the 8.1.1 release of Tcl/Tk, there is a new
socket driver for NT. It uses WSAEventSelect
and a thread instead of creating a window. I've
run the test suite on it, and it's working, but
someone else has reported that it's hanging
in event.test with VC++ 6.0.

If anyone out there is interested in testing
the NT socket driver, use the CVS repository
to get the following two files:


You want to use the "core-8-1-1" tag:

cvs update -r core-8-1-1 ...

-- Scott

p.s. The driver uses the old model for Win95/98.
The WinSock2 driver on Win98 acts differently
and we didn't have the time (or the debugger) to
get it to work on Win98. Win95 doesn't always
have WinSock2, but if it did it probably would
suffer from the same problems that Win98 does.

Marco R. Gazzetta

May 12, 1999, 3:00:00 AM5/12/99

I just tested the core-8-1-1 tag and had no problems with the VC6.0
compiler. I used the 12.00.8168 version of the compiler and the
6.00.8168 version of the linker on an NT 4.0 system patched to level

This is the result of nmake -f makefile.vc test. As you see, everything
is fine.


Tests ended at Wed May 12 14:20:28 Pacific Daylight Time 1999
all.tcl: Total 8390 Passed 7794 Skipped 596 Failed
Sourced 116 Test Files.
Number of tests skipped for each constraint:
2 .console
4 95
20 cat16
16 doTestsWithRemoteServer
22 eformat
48 emptyTest
1 interactive
27 knownBug
122 macOnly
3 macOrUnix
131 nonPortable
26 pkga.dllRequired
15 testfilehandler
1 testfilewait
25 testthread
12 unixExecs
119 unixOnly
2 unixOnly && !testthread
Warning: test files left files behind:
httpold.test: httpd

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