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Brent Welch

Jun 19, 1999, 3:00:00 AM6/19/99
As part of the 1999 Open Source Convention Tcl Conference, we are having
a contest! We want to hear about your best Tcl achievements, whether
they are 15-line hacks that pack a punch, or 100,000 line systems that
control an enterprise. We are looking for entries in the following

* Best Tclet
* Best Extension
* Best App
* Best Research (*using* Tcl)
* Most Effective Use of Tcl Philosophy
* Best Heavyweight Use
* Best Lightweight Use
* Best Technique (Code sample mandatory!)
* Best Glue
* Best SysAdmin Technology
* Best Web Technology
* Best Testing Technology
* Best Game

If these are too limiting, feel free to suggest a special category for
your entry.

Winners will get special prizes and 5 minutes of fame during the last
session of the conference to explain their achievement.

Please submit one to three page abstracts about your entry to

Code samples and references to software distributions are encouraged as
collateral to help us judge your submissions. Please do not submit any
proprietary material.

Your abstract should answer these questions:
* Who built the program. We will allow you to nominate the work of
in the case they cannot attend the conference themselves.
* What the program does and how Tcl was used to do it.
* Approximately how many lines of code are in the program.
* Whether or not the program is publically available. A web page or
download URL would be ideal.

The submission deadline is August 1 and winners will be notified
approximately one week before the conference. We may reserve one or two
5-minute slots for "Best Last-Minute Entry". But, we cannot guarantee
there will be any room left by the time the conference starts.
So, send your submissions in early!

Deadline: August 1

This information is available at

-- Brent Welch <>
Scriptics: The Tcl Platform Company.

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