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Steffen Traeger

Jan 13, 1999, 3:00:00 AM1/13/99
I would like to announce the new release 1.1 of the FTP Library Package
for tcl/tk8.x.

ftp_lib is available at

The loadable package ftp_lib.tcl provides client side of the File Transfer
Protocol (FTP). The package extends tcl/tk with commands to support the
file transfer protocol like OPEN, CLOSE, LIST, PUT, GET, REGET etc.. It's
used either to add FTP ability to existing tcl/tk applications or to create
small FTP scripts in tcl that perform tasks without user interaction. It
allows automatic up/download processes even up to the mirroring of complete
FTP sites.

The library package consists of 100% pure tcl code, no extensions, no C

What's new in release 1.1:

* ftp_lib now serves active (default) and passive data transfer
* improved return codes for a better error handling
* hook for creating a graphical progress bar during file transfer
* new command FTP::FileSize that gets the file size of a remote file
* new test and demo programs
* "hpupdate" is shipped with ftp_lib
* detailed command description
* some minor changes and bug fixes

Steffen Traeger

'Escape the "GATES" of hell, use LINUX!'

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