ANNOUNCE: tkwintrack 2.0.0

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Erik Leunissen

Jul 8, 2021, 1:42:07 PMJul 8

I'm pleased to announce the immediate availability of release 2.0.0 of the package tkwintrack
(formerly known as wintrackgui)

Changes since the previous version (wintrackgui 1.1.0)
- the name of the package changed (while continuing the release numbering sequence
from wintrackgui)
- no features were added/removed
- a few bug fixes (two)
- the internals have been thoroughly robustified, specifically:
- substantial code structuring/streamlining/naming policy + enhanced explanations
- additional tests for reconfigure actions
- file system path for the configuration file has been made future-resistent,
past-compatible (and on MS Windows: standards-compliant)
- documentation enhancements, notably for the test script

Tkwintrack is an inspection tool for developers of Tk GUI's. While tracking individual windows in a
GUI with the mouse pointer, tkwintrack outlines them and displays their pathname in a small widget.
Window pathnames reported in this pathname widget may be copied to the clipboard.

The package has been routinely tested on Linux and MS Windows. The macOS operating system is not
officially supported [*].

The package is hosted by the project tkwintrack at SourceForge:

- Documentation is included in the distributions
- License: Apache 2.0
- Bug reports and RFE's are welcome at the issue tracker at SourceForge

Erik Leunissen
[*] Running the test script on macOS is supported though.

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Erik Leunissen

Jul 10, 2021, 9:06:05 AMJul 10

Release tkwintrack-2.0.1 is available.

This release fixes a bug that exhibits if you install the package in a directory that has spaces in
its name (e.g. "C:\Program Files").

Thanks to an anonymous report.
Erik Leunissen
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