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Jan Nijtmans

Sep 17, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/17/99
I'm happy to announce version 1.2.1 of the "Img" package. This
package enhances Tk, adding support for many other Image formats:
BMP, XBM, XPM, GIF (with transparency), PNG, JPEG, TIFF and
postscript. This version only works with Tcl/Tk 8.0 or higher.
If running with 8.1 or higher (8.2 is recommended) Img takes
full advantage of the Stubs interface. If you are using Tk4.2
or lower, please stick with Img1.1.4 (which is still available
'as-is' but no longer supported).

Currently there are two identical source distributions:
img1.2.1.tar.gz (for Unix) (1543 Kb) (for Windows) (1881 Kb)
And one binary distribution for Windows 95/98/NT/2000
img121.exe ( 542 Kb)

All these files can be downloaded from:

Img is distributed under a BSD-style licence.

The most recent info about Img is always available at:

Changes compared to version 1.2 (see changes file for more details):
- Made it more clear in the documentation that Img 1.2.1 doesn't
use LZW-compression in any form.
- Removed all LZW-compressed GIF and TIFF images from this distribution.
Where possible it is replaced by PNG images. The only GIF image
remaining is in the test suite, but this one is run-length encoded.
- Bug-fix in Img-patch: transparency didn't always work correctly
for GIF images (8.1 patch only, the 8.0 patch had no problems).
- Enhanced Tk8.1 patch supplying backwards compatible mode
for image types using a new -DUSE_OLD_IMAGE flag.
- Added Img-patch for Tk8.2 to the distribution. This one is
submitted to Scriptics for inclusion in Tk 8.3.
- Modified BMP generation to generate 8-bit paletted files if
there are less than 257 colors but more than 512 pixels.
Donated by Roger E Critchlow Jr <>
- Upgraded tiff library to version 3.5.1. Also disabled
the lzw compression option in this library.
- All dll's in the binary distribution are now compiled using
gcc-2.95 (mingw variant). The only exception is img1280.dll,
which still depends on VC++ 5.0. The reason for this exception
is that Tcl/Tk 8.0.x lacks the Stub interface, resulting in worse
compiler dependancies. The windows binary works with Tcl/Tk
8.0.x, 8.1.x, 8.2.x and (hopefully) all future 8.y.x versions.

Jan Nijtmans, CMG Arnhem B.V.
email: (private) (work)

Jan Nijtmans

Sep 17, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/17/99
to Jan Nijtmans
Jan Nijtmans wrote:
> All these files can be downloaded from:

Sorry, this should have been:

Hume Smith

Sep 19, 1999, 3:00:00 AM9/19/99
Jan Nijtmans <> wrote:
>I'm happy to announce version 1.2.1 of the "Img" package.

NetBSD-1.4.1/i386 users may want to try my module at
which is built to uses the jpeg-6b and png-1.0.3 pkgs.
(but TIFF is missing since there seems a great discrepancy between NetBSD's
TIFF pkg and the one Img uses)

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