ANNOUNCE: OpenACS 5.10.0 released

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Sep 16, 2021, 4:15:22 AMSep 16
We are proud to announce the release of the OpenACS 5.10.0 [0,1]. This release contains the most changes in OpenACS between releases in history, including many security and performance improvements and includes new functionalities. This new release differs from OpenACS 5.9.1 (released 2017) by the following statistics

3445 files changed, 215464 insertions(+), 193642 deletions(-)

The release of OpenACS 5.10.0 contains the 93 packages of the oacs-5-10 branch (plus 9 compared to oacs-5-9). These packages include the OpenACS core packages, the major application packages (e.g. most the ones used on, and DotLRN 2.10.0. The release contains several security improvements and new functions, several new packages were added, and 370 bugs noted in the bug tracker have been fixed (plus many more not noted there).

For a partial summary of changes, please check the release notes [2], for the more detailed list of changes since the release of OpenACS 5.9.1, see [3]. Many changes/enhancements of the application packages are just contained in the detailed changelog.

These changes were contributed by 7 committers ...

Antonio Pisano
Gustaf Neumann
Günter Ernst
Hector Romojaro
Michael Aram
Stefan Sobernig
Thomas Renner

... and additional 13 patch/bugfix providers

Felix Mödritscher
Florian Mosböck
Frank Bergmann
Franz Penz
Hanifa Hasan
Keith Paskett
Markus Moser
Maurizio Martignano
Monika Andergassen
Nathan Coulter
Rainer Bachleitner
Stephan Adelsberger
Tony Kirkham

All packages of the release were tested with PostgreSQL 13.* and Tcl 8.6.*.

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