ANNOUNCE: TclHttpd 2.2 release

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Brent Welch

Jun 24, 1999, 3:00:00 AM6/24/99
TclHttpd is a freely available web server written purely in Tcl. It
implements, and it is also being embedded into various
products by folks like Steve Ball and Matt Newman. The embeddabilty is
the original motivation for the server, but by now it is fairly
functional on its own. In particular, it supports a nice page
generation template system. As an example, check out the difference

By using page templates on the Scriptics web site we are able to
easily maintain a common look and feel, as well as play formatting
games. You can use the "Printable page" link at the bottom of every
page on to get a page that drops the standard
navigational menus so the content will print better.

The 2.2 release of the server bundles up various minor enhancements
and bug fixes since the 2.1.7 release made last December. Check the
"changes" file that comes with the distribution for details.

I've also added a draft book chapter about the server, which is included
in the distribution and available as

This page does *not* use templates, and is automatically generated by
FrameMaker. (In other words, it looks bad :-) However, there is decent
content about the server, I hope, and I'm looking for feedback on the
draft chapter.

There is a mailing list for users of the server. Send a subscribe
to to join.

-- Brent Welch <>
Scriptics: The Tcl Platform Company

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