ANNOUNCE: tclexecomp V1.4.0 released

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Michael Niehren

Aug 20, 2022, 7:30:59 PM8/20/22
I'm pleased to announce release V1.4.0 of tclexecomp, a TCL executable

What is new in V1.4.0

Update of the following modules:
1. Update Tcl/Tk to V8.6.12
2. Update bwidget to V1.9.15
3. Update html3widget to V0.2.6.1
4. Update img to V1.4.13
5. Update mentry to V3.16
6. update pdf4tcl to V0.9.4
7. Update scrollutil to V1.16
8. Update tablelist to V6.19
9. Update tcllib to V1.21
10. Update tcltls to V1.7.22 (openssl V1.1.1q)
11. Update tdom to V0.9.3
12. Update tklib to V0.7
13. Update twapi to V4.7.2
14. Update wcb to V3.8

New integration of the following modules
1. Integration of pgintcl V3.5.1
2. Integration of scrolledwidget V0.2
3. Integration of udp V1.0.11
4. Intergration of zstd V1.0

tclexecomp is a TCL exectutable wrapper, which creates a single executable
file from a tcl script. Currently it can create binaries for Linux (64 Bit),
Windows (64 Bit) and MACOS (64 Bit).
It is based on freewrap (, but with many
more tcl-modules integrated and support for more operation systems.

Main Features are
- Create executable Binaries from an TclTk-Script for Linux, Windows and
- Compile a Tcl program to bytecode
- Customize the Binaries to the needed modules of the Application

You can also use it as a normal Tcl/Tk-Interpreter.

Web-Site and Download
You can find it under

To wrap a Tcl/Tk-Script into an Executable, simply use the following
tclexecomp <tclfile> -w <tclexecomp destination binary> -o
<output-file> -forcewrap

As an example on Linux (64Bit) you can create an executable for Windows 64
in the following way
tclexecomp64 test.tcl -w tclexecomp64.exe -forcewrap -o test.exe

You can customize your binaries by calling
tclexecomp64 -gui

Notes on integrated Modules
To use the integrated modules you have to do the usual
package require ...

More informations on

To build your own binaries, you can also find the source code in the git
repository on sourceforge.
Building is done under Linux, Windows Binaries are cross compiled with
mingw, MAC-OS Binaries are
cross compiled with osxcross.

best regards,

Jan 3, 2023, 3:01:00 AMJan 3
Michael Niehren 在 2022年8月21日 星期日上午11:30:59 [UTC+12] 的信中寫道:
Hi Michael

use thread package

set tid {
package require Tk

set t1 [thread::create]
thread::send $t1 $tid

when the package require Tk load in

get below error

Can't find a usable tk.tcl in the following directories:
/zvfs/tk8.6 /zvfs/tcl8.6/ ....
/zvfs/tk8.6/tk.tcl: version conflict for package "Tk": have 8.6.9, need exactly 8.6.12

seem the TK package not install Appropriately .....

V1.1.0 embedded Tcl/Tk to V8.6.9 ok to run
V1.2.0 embedded Tcl/Tk to V8.6.10 NG same error need 8.6.9
V1.4.0 embedded Tcl/Tk to V8.6.12 NG

Please check it , thanks


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