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Tk Theme Widgets

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George Peter Staplin

Jul 27, 2002, 10:08:07 PM7/27/02
I've written a Tk_Theme extension that provides two new widgets designed
for themes. The widgets are theme:frame and theme:label. They act in
much the same way as Tk's frame and label widgets.

An example:

I decided that having themes for other widgets is distracting. I find
it annoying using a listbox when a nice looking, but distracting image
paints the background.

You could do something like this with the canvas, but it would be slow,
and dealing with geometry management would be difficult. The way
Tk_Theme is done is fast, because it uses Xlib.

It requires Tcl/Tk 8.3 and X.

I've released it under a Tcl-like/BSD license.


Comments are appreciated (either here or via email)

May your `wish`es come true,


I'm interested in porting the code to Windows, but it looks like because
it uses the XPM library that might be a little difficult. I tried
compiling XPM with MinGW using -DFOR_MSW and it failed (maybe it needs a
Windows X server). I'm also open to the idea of using the PNG library.
I don't want to use the JPEG library, because I think lossless images
are more useful for this type of thing. Maybe I should just use the Tk
image related functions...

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