Embedded vs. separate commands

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John Ousterhout

Dec 28, 1992, 11:27:43 AM12/28/92

Karl Lehenbauer

Dec 29, 1992, 10:04:11 AM12/29/92
In article <1hn9tv...@agate.berkeley.edu> ous...@sprite.Berkeley.EDU (John Ousterhout) writes:
>The votes so far indicate that there is a strong preference for the
>"embedded" approach ... over
>the "separate commands" approach ... 37 to 8.

Gee, John, you told us not to post a thousand votes from SCO... :-)

Seriously though, pretty much everything in Extended Tcl was added because
we needed some capability that wasn't already there in Tcl. So here's a
case where a capability of TclX (FP math functions et al) is once again
brought into the baseline (as were files, arrays, and so forth), so the
capability is now present, so TclX no longer needs its FP functions, except
perhaps for backwards compatibility.

As long as the capability is there, I am not going to get too hung up over
the differences... And there were some good points made for the embedded
approach, although I still predict insubstantial performance differences
and am still a bit nervous about adding new syntax.

Happy new year, everyone.

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