ANNOUNCE: Tcl-nap 4.1.0 -- Harvey Davies

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Apr 18, 2005, 4:53:53 PM4/18/05
NAP 4.1.0 has been released.

The starpack installers for Windows, Linux (both 386 and IA64) and
Solaris can be accessed using the link labelled 'Files for downloading'
on the NAP home page:


Better support for:
HP-UX (installer available soon I hope)
Mac OS X (Darwin)

C code:
inPolygon: fix bug checking shapes
Large OOC result much more efficient
niladic '-' operator : fix bug
'@' operator: result for duplicates now mean
new function 'psum1'

Tcl Library:
hdf.tcl: handle_button_release: Handle case where rank < 2
plot_nao: Fix various bugs. New options -xproc and -yproc
(procedures to
format axis tick values)
stat.tcl: New function 'percentile'
make_dll: fix bugs

Include examples from course

Harvey Davies, CSIRO Atmospheric Research,

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