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Andres Garcia

Apr 22, 2005, 7:11:58 PM4/22/05

I have just released a new version of TclCurl updated for libcurl 7.12.2,
with TclCurl you can download and upload files using protocols like
ftp, http, https, ldap, telnet, dict, gopher and file.

* New features:

* New configure options:

* ftpaccount: When an FTP server asks for "account data"
after user name and password has been provided.

* sourceurl: When set, it enables a FTP third party transfer.

* sourcequote: Exactly like '-quote', but for the source host.

* The following options are now obsolete 'sourcehost', 'sourcepath',
'sourceport' and 'pasvhost'.

* curl::versioninfo will indicate if there is support for

* More information can be obtained using 'curl::getinfo':

* numconnects: to get the number of new connections
TclCurl had to create to achieve the previous transfer.

* sslengines: returns a list of the OpenSSL crypto-engines

* httpconnectcode: returns the last received proxy
response code to a CONNECT request

* Bug fix:

* Fixed the "-sourcepostquote" option.

* Daniel A. Steffen fixed a bug with parallel builds.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to make builds for Windows
with SSL, I'd be very grateful if someone who knows something
about mingw would take a look.

Since the last TclCurl, there has been many changes in libcurl which
you can check at:

For more information, please visit:

Share the wonders,

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