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TIP #246: Unify Pattern Matching

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Reinhard Max

Apr 29, 2005, 3:35:02 PM4/29/05

Version: $Revision: 1.1 $
Author: Reinhard Max <>
State: Draft
Type: Project
Tcl-Version: 8.5
Vote: Pending
Created: Wednesday, 27 April 2005



Many Tcl commands take arguments that are patterns to match against.
Some of these commands allow options to specify whether the pattern
should be treated as a literal, a glob pattern, or a regular
expression, and whether or not matching should be case sensitive. This
TIP proposes a unique set of options for all commands that accept
pattern arguments.


It is hard to memorize which of the commands that take a pattern
argument allows to modify the matching mode, and in which way. With
this TIP in place pattern matching will be orthogonal throughout Tcl,
so the rules learned once can be applied to every command that uses
pattern matching.


The following commands currently take pattern arguments with varying
combinations of switches to specify their behaviour:

* *array get* /arrayName/ ?/pattern/?

* *array names* /arrayName/ ?/mode/? ?/pattern/?

* *array values* /arrayName/ ?/pattern/?

* *array unset* /arrayName/ ?/pattern/?

* *dict filter* /dictionaryValue/ *key* /globPattern/

* *dict filter* /dictionaryValue/ *value* /globPattern/

* *dict keys* /dictionaryValue/ ?/globPattern/?

* *dict values* /dictionaryValue/ ?/globPattern/?

* *lsearch* ?/options.../? /list pattern/

* *parray* /arrayName/ ?/pattern/?

* *string match* ?*-nocase*? /pattern string/

* *switch* ?/options.../? /string pattern body/

* *namespace children* ?/namespace/? ?/pattern/?

* *namespace export* ?*-clear*? ?/pattern pattern .../?

* *namespace forget* ?/pattern pattern .../?

* *namespace import* ?*-force*? ?/pattern pattern .../?

* *info commands* ?/pattern/?

* *info functions* ?/pattern/?

* *info globals* ?/pattern/?

* *info locals* ?/pattern/?

* *info procs* ?/pattern/?

* *info vars* ?/pattern/?

* *registry keys* /keyName/ ?/pattern/?

* *registry values* /keyName/ ?/pattern/?

The following commands which also take pattern arguments are outside
the scope of this TIP:

* Commands that match patterns against file names: *auto_import*,
*auto_mkindex*, *pkg_mkIndex*, *tcltest*.

* Commands that use regular expressions by design: *regexp*, and

* The *case* command, because it is deprecated


The commands listed above shall allow for two optional switches, one
that specifies the matching mode, and can be *-exact*, *-glob*, or
*-regexp*, and one that specifies case sensitivity, and can be *-case*,
or *-nocase*. Their current behaviour shall become the default
behaviour in absence of the respective switch. (Some commands may
accept other switches as well.)

Also shall there be two new manual pages, one that describes glob
matching similar to the /re_syntax/ page, and one that describes the
pattern matching options. These manuals shall be referenced by the
manuals for the individual commands instead of repeating the detailed


Some of the mentioned commands could become somewhat slower when they
need to check for more options. This needs to be checked when
implementing this TIP.


There is no reference implementation yet.

The idea is to have common code for option checking, and matching, that
can be used by all mentioned commands. That way it would be easy to add
new algorithms or options, and have them immediately available for all
commands that can do pattern matching.

The C API for this will first be worked out as a private API when
creating the reference implementation and later be published by a
separate TIP, so that extensions can also make use of it.


There might be need for a similar unification in Tk as well, but that's
outside the scope of this TIP, and should be easy to add once this TIP
is implemented so that Tcl provides the needed infrastructure.


This document has been placed in the public domain.


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