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ANNOUNCE: GRIDPLUS 1.2 - A Grid Based Screen Building Tool For TCL/TK

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Adrian Davis

Apr 22, 2005, 7:03:30 PM4/22/05
GRIDPLUS 1.2 has been released and is available from:

*) New GRIDPLUS tree command/mode to create a scrollable tree widget.

*) Support for null named array variable substitution in layout
parameter of Grid/Layout command modes.

*) Starkit now includes TABLELIST 3.8 (Previously 3.5).

*) Fixes problem setting the contents of an updateable text widget
(This problem applies to GRIDPLUS 1.1 only).

GRIDPLUS is a package intended to simplify GUI screen layout
development for TCL/TK programmers. GRIDPLUS is the second in a series
of packages aimed at producing a framework for
development/distribution of "database" applications written in TCL/TK,
but I feel that some of the packages may also be of more general
interest. The first package ICONS, released 2002
(, was originally developed to be
used with GRIDPLUS.

Firstly: GRIDPLUS is not a "Visual" design tool.

GRIDPLUS is a "Grid" based layout system which builds on, simplifies
and extends the existing grid manager. GRIDPLUS layouts are defined as
a hierarchy of grids. Each cell in a grid consists of two elements.
These will usually be a text label and some other widget such as an
entry. It is also allowed to have just one element in a cell, or a
cell which is empty. GRIDPLUS grids can also be stretched to neatly
fill the cells in which they are positioned. While the GRIDPLUS grid
can be used "native", GRIDPLUS commands exist to create grids of
Buttons, Checkbuttons, Entries, Links and Radiobuttons. All places
where text can be displayed make use of the TCL message catalogue

In effect GRIDPLUS is much more than an alternative to the grid
geometry manager, it provides most, if not all, of the facilities
required to build complete screens/windows. Although aimed at
producing data entry/update/display form screens for database
applications, it may be useful for other tasks.

GRIDPLUS also includes the following features:-

*) Scrollable text widget.
*) Scrollable tablelist.
*) Scrollable tree widget.
*) Basic notebook type widget.
*) Simple drop-down menus.
*) Simple method to specify widget traversal order when using the TAB
key to navigate the screen.
*) A group facility to enable/disable groups of widgets and menu
*) Facility to include non-GRIDPLUS widgets in groups.
*) Simple pattern/procedure based entry validations.
*) Works with toplevel windows.

Best Regards,

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