The Dolphin Smalltalk Companion book's CD - packages won't load in DS7

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F Bek

Jan 5, 2021, 5:52:06 PMJan 5
Beginner’s question.
Dolphin Smalltalk (DS) 7.1.19
The Dolphin Smalltalk Companion (DSC) book & CD.

I've loaded the package for chapter-3 successfully in DS 7.1.19. But Chapter-4 package and all other chapter packages won't load. Deciphering the debugger, in these cases, did not prove to be very useful - for me. Given that the DSC book was written for DS 3 & 4, I suspect the views may not be compatible with DS7 and are causing the install to crash.

Is there any fix?

I've tried to peek into the .pac files with the available tools: Workspace, Chunk Browser, and even Notepad. While it was easy to retrieve the classes and methods, the Views remained out of reach. Just wondering if anyone was able to get them to load - there may be something to learn here - as opposed to rebuilding them in the View Composer.

Thanks for reading and eventually responding.

F Bek

Jan 12, 2021, 6:33:21 PMJan 12
With more trials & errors, I have traced the imcompatibility to 3 out of 8 Views, namely:
DriverDialogPresenter >> Combobox view ; Listbox view ; Tab button view.
once the binary codes for these views were deleted from the package, it loaded without further errors.

issue closed for now.
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