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Robert Calco

May 11, 2021, 4:56:14 PMMay 11
I'd like to make changes to the startup folder to customize/brand a product I'm designing that is based on the full Dolphin professional image, but adds a lot of domain-specific features based on edition.

I could use some pointers about how to go about this that allows me to:
- move dev tools to a dev subfolder
- create new subfolders in my new root
- add applications and tools to my new toplevel root directory

Really I'm asking for an explanation of how the design around the system folder concept works so that I can highly customize it for my needs. I know it's discoverable with enough time to plumb the depths of the image itself, but any suggestions or pointers that save me time will be deeply appreciated.

Also important: I'd like to know how best to capture these structural changes as steps I can repeat as new releases of Dolphin itself come out. So, more information about how package installation can be customized is also something I'd love to hear from Dolphin long-timers that may be out there.

Thanks in advance!


May 12, 2021, 5:34:58 AMMay 12
Hi Bob

Andy Bower did a Youtube vid a while back and he talked about adding and removing launchers/icons to the sample folder in the system folder. I am sure it would be straightforward to work your way from there.

He starts talking about it here:

The system folder is also mentioned in the helpfile, but only that it is implemented by the class SmalltalkSystemShell.

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