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Unprocessed Dolphin accelerators

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Joe Betz

Jul 15, 2023, 8:51:20 PM7/15/23
Resurrecting a topic from

> Open a workspace. Open another workspace.
> In one type Ctrl+S to bring up a file-save-dialog; leave it open.
> In the other type Ctrl+S, and DC3 is displayed white-on-red.

> Chris, don't bother. This has always been the case - when you have a system dialog open, Dolphin loses control of the message loop, and so is unable to process its own accelerators. Short of making the system dialogs modal to the whole application, we've been unable to come up with any solution to this in the 10 years of Dolphin's existence, so I'm not hopeful of finding a fix now, sorry.

I added a breakpoint to TextEdit>onKeyTyped: and compared the call stacks when a system dialog is open vs when it isn't. And as far as I can tell, the event itself is exactly the same, it's just coming from a different source.

What's preventing Dolphin from just forwarding the key typed event to the top level message loop?

I'm curious because I ran into a similar issue after implementing a separate message loop for SDL managed windows. It has the same symptom of the red DC3 appearing when pressing Ctrl+S inside a text editor. So yeah, better understanding the system dialog problem might help with debugging it.
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