DolphinHttpServer - Image throws walkback after installing seaside

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Sanjay Minni

Apr 30, 2021, 1:33:41 AM4/30/21
Hi Sebastian, John

I have raised 2 issues for the Dolphin 7.1.20 image which starts throwing a
walkback after a ouple of time of saving after installing seaside.


while i have given my observation in the issue raised in DolhinHttpServer
it is here in brief:

With only DolphinHttpServer loaded, there are no issues / walkback even after saving the image several times. I have checked with the DolphinHttpServer demo running and it remains fine.

On loading Seaside with Seaside Demo the image starts throwing a walkback after a couple of saves. It is erratic on when the walkback starts appearing and it wont go away.

Please help as I am totally stuck.

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