New Class Namespace - how do I call you now?

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F Bek

Feb 24, 2021, 1:15:16 PMFeb 24
Beginner's question
Dolphin Smalltalk 7.2.6

Starting with version 7.2.4, Dolphin introduced a new Class Namespace system. Currently most code written for v 7.1 still works in 7.2.6+, with the old class names unchanged. So far I've encountered only one class, namely  #'NUMBERFMTW' that insisted on becoming #'OS.NUMBERFMTW' otherwise, it would consider itself 'undeclared' (it took me a bit to stumble upon the new prefix, but eventually got it ). Except for this one, all other classes, when called from within a method, were happy to display their new and full namespaced name upon a mouse over the current name. But there is no option to click or right click to update the name. Nevermind, so I tried, for the sake of trying, to manually replace some of  the old class names with full namespaced names in one or two locations and, of course, it worked. I understand that v 7.2+  is still in transition from old to new Class Namespace and things are still in mid implementation. 

The question is: when all is done, will the old namespace be retired and the new namespace compulsory? Should all new code be ported to the new namespace? Or is back compatibility maintained?
Thanks for reading and possibly answering.

Bruno Buzzi Brassesco

Mar 17, 2021, 11:17:00 AMMar 17
It will better to open an issue here:

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