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Final SRFI 241: Match — Simple Pattern-Matching Syntax to Express Catamorphisms on Scheme Data

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Arthur A. Gleckler

Mar 23, 2023, 8:09:27 PM3/23/23
Scheme Request for Implementation 241,
"Match — Simple Pattern-Matching Syntax to Express Catamorphisms on Scheme Data",
by Marc Nieper-Wißkirchen,
has gone into final status.

The document and an archive of the discussion are available at

Here's the abstract:

This SRFI describes a simple pattern matcher based on one originally
devised by Kent Dybvig, Dan Friedman, and Eric Hilsdale, which has a
catamorphism feature to perform recursion automatically.

Here is the commit summary since the most recent draft:

- Fix library name.
- Improve clarity following Amirouche's suggestions.
- typofix: s/matcher matcher/matcher/
- typofix: missing assertion-violation.
- Raise an exception when there is no match.
- Improve typography.
- Use CSS classes.
- Fix punctuation.
- editorial changes
- Add table of contents.
- Fix error reported by W3C HTML Validator.
- Finalize.

Note that, despite the large number of commits, there have been no substantial changes since the last draft.

Here are the diffs since the most recent draft:


Many thanks to Marc and to everyone who contributed to the discussion of this SRFI.


SRFI Editor
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