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Mar 19, 2008, 6:56:28 AM3/19/08
I discovered Scheme thanks to Gimp.
As I suffered from not being able to ask Gimp to do what I really wanted
it to do, I studied the language rather seriously with SICP.

Now, when I read a "script-fu" found on the Internet, I can decide
whether or not the author profited from the powerfulness of Scheme by
looking at the number of set! he or she uses in his or her script (the
number of for and while are a good indicator too).

Historically, Image Manipulation comes with the development of Scheme
(see for example

written in 1986).

I don't kwow what's happened between 1986 and 2008 but nowadays, it
seems that Scheme and IM live their own lifes without interfeering with
each other or, when they meet, it is so complicated that it undoubtfully
does frighten any newbie like me ( who can really understand the
relations between Gimp1, Gimp2, original Scheme, TinyScheme, TinyFu, why
is there a Python-Fu ? ....)

I've only found an official center dealing with both Scheme and IM on
Yahoo but it'is very technical and have too few resources for a beginner :


Beside, a lot of the tutorials for beginners of the Internet (even those
recommanded by Gimp team !) are BADly written from a consistency point
of view.

So my question : do you know a place where we can find some GOOD general
ressources about image manipulation with Scheme ?


Jean Guillaume Pyraksos

Mar 19, 2008, 1:23:45 PM3/19/08
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