New version of Wraith Scheme (parallel-processing R5 Scheme for Macintoshes) available

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Jay Reynolds Freeman

Jul 8, 2022, 7:47:21 PM7/8/22
Today I released version 2.26 of Wraith Scheme.

Wraith Scheme 2.26 is a shareware and open-source full R5 Scheme
implementation for the Apple Macintosh, with enhancements for
parallel processing, by which I mean multiple copies of the
Wraith Scheme application (separate Unix processes) all running
at once, sharing Scheme main memory.

Wraith Scheme 2.26 is a full 64-bit Macintosh application, that
runs on Macintoshes using either Intel processors or Apple's
proprietary ARM-based processors ("Apple silicon"), and that
are running at least MacOS 11.6 ("Big Sur").

There is no new release of Pixie Scheme III or Pixie Scheme II
at this time.

Wraith Scheme 2.26 adds minor other enhancements.

Main website:

Software page:

These pages also include links to a whole lot of documentation
for these programs.

Source for Wraith Scheme 2.26, for Pixie Scheme II 1.02, and for
Pixie Scheme III 1.12 is available under the GNU General Public
License; for details, and to download the source distributions,
see the software page of my web site.

-- Jay Reynolds Freeman
--------------------- (personal web site)
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