Final SRFI 222: Compound Objects

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Arthur A. Gleckler

Jul 20, 2021, 9:28:02 PMJul 20
Scheme Request for Implementation 222,
"Compound Objects,"
by John Cowan (text), Arvydas Silanskas (implementation),
has gone into FINAL status.

The document and an archive of the discussion are available at

Here's the abstract:

Compound objects are analogous to R6RS compound conditions, and are
suitable for use in creating and handling conditions on non-R6RS
systems, among other purposes. They encapsulate an immutable sequence
of subobjects, which can be any object except another compound object.
It is possible to implement R6RS compound conditions on top of
compound objects, but not vice versa. Note that this SRFI does not
provide any analogue to R6RS simple conditions, which are just

Here is the commit summary since the most recent draft:

- small test / implementation fixes. Small example fix in text
- Ignore "Compounds.log".
- Drop trailing whitespace. Adjust indentation.
- Finalize.

Here are the diffs since the most recent draft:


Many thanks to John and to everyone who contributed to the discussion of
this SRFI.


SRFI Editor
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