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Gambit REPL and Distributed Computing with Gambit presentations at MSLUG

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Marc Feeley

Dec 1, 2011, 12:11:02 PM12/1/11
Last week I gave two presentations at the Montreal Scheme/Lisp User
Group. Here's the message I sent to the MSLUG group giving the links
to the presentations:

Hello all. Here are the PDFs of the presentations I gave at the MSLUG
last thursday.

Moreover, the code of the demo can be found here:

Note that the demo can be executed on Gambit REPL and on the "plain"
Gambit. Heterogeneous networks are not a problem... threads can
teleport from one platform type (such as an ARM based iPhone) to a
platform of another type (such as an x86 Windows).

Have fun!

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