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Final SRFI 238: Codesets

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Arthur A. Gleckler

Jan 17, 2023, 12:35:56 AM1/17/23
Scheme Request for Implementation 238,
by Lassi Kortela,
has gone into final status.

The document and an archive of the discussion are available at <>.

Here's the abstract:

Many programming interfaces rely on a set of condition codes where
each code has a numeric ID, a mnemonic symbol, and a human-readable
message. This SRFI defines a facility to translate between numbers
and symbols in a codeset and to fetch messages by code. Examples are
given using the Unix errno and signal codesets.

Here is the commit summary since the most recent draft:

- Lassi said that there wasn't anyone to call out.
- Fix typo.
- Patch up sample implementation
- Finalize.

Here are the diffs since the most recent draft:


Many thanks to Lassi and to everyone who contributed to the discussion of this SRFI.


SRFI Editor
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