New Version of a platform independent [oo]Rexx Plugin making developing and maintaining [oo]Rexx programs easier

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May 20, 2020, 8:41:59 AM5/20/20
Hi there, this is a very cool tool for creating and maintaining Rexx programs. It can be used under
Windows, Linux and MacOS!


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Subject: [RexxLA] Fwd: New Version of [oo]Rexx Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA
Date: Wed, 20 May 2020 14:17:34 +0200
From: Rony G. Flatscher <>
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To: RexxLA Members mailing list <>

Hi there,

on behalf of Alexander Seik forwarding his announcement e-mail.

Please realize that this plugin can also be immediately used for "plain", "classic" Rexx programs!

Also: if you have a need to edit "mainframe Rexx" programs that contain the letters $, @ and the
like, please be aware that you can activate "mainframe Rexx support" for the plugin. Cf. the
instructions in the readme.txt file.


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Subject: [Bsf4oorexx-devel] New Version of ooRexx Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA
Date: Tue, 19 May 2020 23:22:26 +0200
From: Alexander Seik <>


I have created an update for ooRexxPlugin for IntelliJ IDEA.

Your can download it here:

The ooRexxPlugin for Intellij IDEA provides IDE support for ooRexx 5.0.
A user can create ooRexx projects, write ooRexx programs with syntax highlighting and error
reporting, and execute ooRexx programs within the IDE.
Additionally, the user can also use various features of the IntelliJ platform e.g. version control,
many editing/project management features, etc.

IntelliJ IDEA is an integrated development environment (IDE) by JetBrains
There is a community edition (free) and an ultimate edition (yearly subscription).
The plugin works for both editions.

What's new:
- ooRexxDoc (auto generation of HTML-Documentation) is integrated into the plugin. It can be used
within the plugin (right click on a file or directory -> Create 'ooRexxDoc' Documentation)
- Supporting ooRexx 5.0 features
- Various bug fixes
- Update to newer IntelliJ IDEA platforms

I would be happy to get feedback, request for enhancement (RFE), and bug reports here: !

Best Regards
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