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Oct 18, 2022, 8:55:04 AM10/18/22
Since a couple of months the non-profit special interest group named "Rexx Language Association
(RexxLA)" has removed its membership fees (but is open for donations to remain able to fund its web
presence and mailing list infrastructure).

This allows anyone to enroll as a member of RexxLA for free and receive the membership
services/privileges, among them a member's mailing list which is a low-volume e-mail service that
has the benefit of being mailed to Rexx/Regina, NetRexx, ooRexx and other users and experts. Among
them there are the creators of those languages.

So, if you have any Rexx related question chances are that you will be helped quite quickly if
sending them to the RexxLA list.

In addition RexxLA organizes a yearly, international Rexx symposium, which in the past two, three
incarnations was held via Zoom electronically as Covid and its consequences effectively inhibited
travel to physical locations.

To become a member of RexxLA is easy: point your browser at <>. On the
landing/home page press the blue (flat) button labeled "JOIN FOR FREE" in the middle on the right
hand side. Then follow the directions.


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