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ANN: Pyrex 0.4 -- Substantial new features

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Greg Ewing

Jul 23, 2002, 12:01:53 AM7/23/02
Pyrex 0.4 is now available:

What is Pyrex?

Pyrex is a new language for writing Python extension modules.
It lets you freely mix operations on Python and C data, with
all Python reference counting and error checking handled

New Features in 0.4

- "cdef extern from" statement allows inclusion
of C header files to be specified, solving
a number of problems including:
- Clashes between Pyrex and C declarations,
due to "const" and other reasons
- Windows-specific features required in
function declarations
- Helping deal with types such as "size_t"
- Helping deal with functions defined as

- Access to internals of pre-existing extension
types is now possible by placing an extension
type declaration inside a "cdef extern from"

Bug Fixes

- Error not reported properly when passing
wrong number of args to certain special
methods of extension types.
[Mitch Chapman <>]

- Compile-time crash when defining an extension
type with a __hash__ method.

Minor Enhancements

- Hashing of the scanner source file made more
platform-independent, making spurious regeneration
of the pickle less likely.

Greg Ewing, Computer Science Dept,
University of Canterbury,
Christchurch, New Zealand

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