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ANNOUNCE: Python SNMP module

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Oct 13, 1999, 3:00:00 AM10/13/99

I've written a simple (and incomplete) SNMP V1 manager class. Currently
it holds BER encoders/decoders and a few transport methods. Only Get-Request
is supported (no problem to add other request types, though). No MIB
parser yet.

However, it is written entirely in Python and it works.

I hope this module may be helpful to Python community as a starting point
for developing a more sophisticated solution.

The package is available at

I'm interested in bug reports & fixes, suggestions and improvements. Please,
please send your feedback to <>.


Doug Stanfield

Oct 13, 1999, 3:00:00 AM10/13/99

I'm very interested in your module and your development. I downloaded and
scanned through the files, but haven't had a chance to try anything yet. I
assume you are aware of the other SNMP module for Python, SNMPy.
<>, a page
set up by Cameron Laird, has a link to information and the source. He's
alreadey put there a mention of your efforts.

I understand your module is all Python, and SNMPy is using one or the other
of the available PD libraries. It appears some thought went in to the SNMPy
interface design. Have you given thought to using the same scheme or does
that fit with your design plans?


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Ilya Etingof

Oct 13, 1999, 3:00:00 AM10/13/99
to Doug Stanfield

Hi Doug,

Yes, I'm aware of SNMPy module. Initially, I was planning to use it
in my program but it did not fit good enough in my case. My application
uses non-blocking I/O so it is build around the single select() system
call. I have not found an easy way to expose sockets used internally by
SNMPy to my core select() syscall so I ended up developing a SNMP packets
encoder/decoder which can be build into my application's I/O stream.

I have not thought about a better interface yet. I was thinking to
make it handling other SNMP request types and possibly MIB parser...


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