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Martijn Faassen

10 jan 2001 08:56:2010-01-2001
Dear fellow PSU members,

There has arisen some confusion about the continued existence the
PSU in the light of the PSA ( 'no longer
serving a real purpose'. Members of the PSU (Python Secret Underground)
have been asking whether this means the PSU has no purpose anymore
either. It does. The timbot (Roswell version) has instructed me to clarify
matters for our members on this mailing list.

Probability notices in the following update are as always subject to the
general unreliability principle. See also references listed at the

Recent explorations with Guido's time machine have shown us that the
alien whitespace eating nanovirus invasion is still a real threat (0.9),
although engine troubles in the alien starship seem to have shifted the
projected invasion to the third decade of this millennium (0.7). Due to the
nature of their uncertainty inducer drive it is possible (0.05) however
that the invasion date is shifted forward to 2001. Therefore we
must remain vigilant (0.8).

The recent move of Guido & co to Digital Creations was coordinated by
the PSU [3] by replacing timbot (normal) temporarily with timbot (Roswell),
who then influenced matters appropriately. timbot (normal) has however
been placed back with memory buffers wiped, do NOT approach timbot (normal)
as this entity is not a member. Extra confusion is created by the
fact that both timbots are posting; one is aware [1], the other isn't.
The original timbot has been reprogrammed to selectively ignore timbot

The PSA will in due time be replaced with another cover organisation
when necessary. Recent advances with element Base_AQ (Zoperium)
technology are hopeful, though. We may be able to stop the nanoviruses.

Everything is still on track for the Roswell event [2], which is necessary
to close the timelike loop.

References in chronological order:




Warning: Do NOT forward this message beyond the PSU mailing list! Those
who do will be eliminated from the timestream (0.97).


Tim Peters

10 jan 2001 17:38:5410-01-2001
["Martijn Faassen" -- like that's a real name]
> Dear fellow PSU members,

Stop right there! The PSU does not exis

Emile van Sebille

10 jan 2001 22:33:0210-01-2001
Ha, Ha, Ha!

The tim-bot (roswell) forgot the trademark sig. Now we know
this is just forged flame-bait to get the PSU in trouble!


Emile van Sebille

"Tim Peters" <> wrote in message

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