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JyRetic EAI Server 1.0RC1 released

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Jan 13, 2004, 12:43:01 PM1/13/04
Retic goes Jython now, and is thus fully compatible with the Java platform.
(I won't develop no more on the former Python version of Retic. )
This gives a better connectivity, particularly through JDBC and JMS.
Jython 2.1 is included in the release.

Download on the sourceforge project's site =>

Available sources are : file, FTP, HTTP, JMS, SOAP, JDBC, XMLBlaster

Available pipes are : Zip, Unzip, Flat-to-XML, XML-to-Flat, XPath, XSLT,
FOP (to produce PDF or PS from XSL-FO input), Excel (to produce MS Excel
files from Gnumeric-XML input)

Available sinks are : file, FTP, HTTP, JMS, SOAP, JDBC, XMLBlaster, Jabber
(open source instant messaging), shell, SMTP, Xindice (Apache's XML database)

Two new kinds of components have appeared in this release :
Preprocessors and Postprocessors : executed only once respectively before
and after adaptor execution.

Available preprocessors : SQL, Xindice (much more to come)
Available postprocessors : SQL (much more to come)

The logging system is now based on log4j (I've added a Jabber appender
(IMAppender), thanks to

Adaptors can be launched through command-line, XMLRPC calls (retic
administrator uses it) or JMS queue (the server has to be listening your

Retic also has now a scheduler.

I know docs aren't up-to-date but I'll fix that real soon.


Retic is an EAI Server.
The aim is to permit applications to communicate, even if they
don't speak the same language (which means transport protocols
as well as data structures).
This is done by building adaptors. An adaptor is composed of :
- One source
- Several pipes (process data transformations)
- Several sinks (destination of data)
- Several loggers (using log4j)
- Preprocessors (executed only once before adaptor execution - for
example => drop/create a table through a SQL query)
- Postprocessors (executed only once after adaptor execution - for
example => creation of an index on a table through a SQL query)

It is written in Jython and works 100% fine with only Java 1.3+ installed
on your system (jython 2.1 is embedded in the releases).


I've also released a reworked version of Retic Administrator (1.0) the GUI
to create adaptors, and control the server.

Yet another piece of software released is reticSOAP, a small tool that
parses WSDL and permits to :
- test SOAP services
- See the messages exchanged

Both Retic Admin and Retic SOAP come as a win32 release or a wxPython 2.4
source file release (Python 2.3+ needed).

Enjoy !!


Jan 14, 2004, 10:26:32 AM1/14/04
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