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Facundo Batista

Sep 25, 2021, 12:07:02 PMSep 25
PyEmpaq is a simple but powerful Python packer to run any project with
any virtualenv dependencies anywhere.

With PyEmpaq you can convert any Python project into a single `.pyz`
file with all the project's content packed inside.

That single file is everything that needs to be distributed. When the
final user executes it, the original project will be expanded, its
dependencies installed in a virtualenv, and then executed. Note that
no special permissions or privileges are required, as everything
happens in the user environment.

Both the packaging and the execution are fully multiplatorm. This
means that you can pack a project in Linux, Windows, Mac or whatever,
and it will run ok in Linux, Windows, Mac or whatever.

This version brings the following change:

- Now all the information for packing comes from the config file.

PyEmpaq can be installed directly from PyPI:

pip install --user --upgrade --ignore-installed pyempaq

If you have `fades` you don't even need to install pyempaq, just run it:

fades -d pyempaq -x pyempaq

Check the project for all the information, including a couple of demo
gifs showing PyEmpaq in action and examples for packed programs:



. Facundo

Blog: http://www.taniquetil.com.ar/plog/
PyAr: http://www.python.org.ar/
Twitter: @facundobatista
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