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[Python-announce] JumpTheGun 0.0.9

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Tal Einat

May 18, 2023, 4:15:57 AM5/18/23
Make Python CLI tools win the speed race, by cheating!

JumpTheGun makes Python CLI tools start up much faster. For example, it can make the AWS CLI start up nearly 3x faster, making it near-instant.

# In any Python (>= 3.7) environment:
pip install jumpthegun
# or
pipx install jumpthegun

# For any CLI tool written in Python (>= 3.7):
jumpthegun run <cli-tool> [...]

# Examples:
jumpthegun run black --check .
jumpthegun run aws --version

# More details:
jumpthegun --help

Enjoy snappier tools!
- Tal Einat
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