Spambayes version 1.0a7 is released

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Anthony Baxter

Nov 5, 2003, 7:17:35 AM11/5/03

The spambayes team is pleased to announce the seventh release of the
source distribution of spambayes. Get it from the 'Download' page at

The SpamBayes project is working on developing a Bayesian anti-spam filter,
initially based on the work of Paul Graham. The major difference between this
and other, similar projects is the emphasis on testing newer approaches to
scoring messages.

SpamBayes is not a single application. The core code is a message classifier,
however there are several applications available as part of the SpamBayes
project which use the classifier in specific contexts.

More information is available at the Spambayes website at

Detailed information on the changes in this release are at the end of this

Enjoy the new release and your spam-free mailbox :-)

(on behalf of the spambayes team)

New in this release (from the file WHAT_IS_NEW.txt in the distribution):

This file covers the major changes between each release. For more details,
the reader is referred to the changelog (changelog.txt in the main directory
of the archive), or for extreme details, to the check-ins archive (please see

Changes are broken into sections for each application, plus one that will
probably only interest developers, and one for everything else.

Any actions necessary to move to this release from the previous release are
noted in the "Transition" section.

New in Alpha Release 7

** Incompatible changes **

o If you are using a pickle for storage, your 'message info' database
would previously still have been a dbm (where available). This is
no longer the case - if you are using a pickle for the statistics
database, you have a pickle for everything. Your old 'message info'
database is not converted (and there is no utility provided to do so),
but you should not suffer any ill effects from this, *unless* you are
using In that case, you will find that the filter
trains and classifies all messages in the folders it examines, even
if it has seen them before - this will only occur once, however.

There should be no other incompatible changes (from 1.0a6) in this release.

POP3 Proxy / SMTP Proxy
o An error where a failure message would be printed by
the SMTP proxy, even on success, was fixed.

Web Interface
o The bug which caused the "TypeError" when trying to access
the database after setting a configuration option via the
interface has been fixed.

POP3 Proxy Service / POP3 Proxy Tray Application
o Both the and
scripts are now installed (with " install") if
the user is using Windows.

IMAP Filter
o Better handle displaying the available folders when server and login
information is not available.
o Better handle problems parsing the date.
o If IMAP over SSL is available, offer it via the web interface.

o Various improvements have been made to the management of the
'message info' database. As outlined above, it will now be
stored as a pickle, if your statistics database uses a pickle.
In addition, we attempt to close the database when we should,
and make sure that we explicitly update it. This should hopefully
go some way to solving the "DB_RUN_RECOVERY" errors that have
been regularly reported - we would be interested to hear from
you if upgrading to 1.0a7 does appear to solve this problem
for you (email
o We now try to determine the type of dbm storage used from the
file, if one already exists. This should make the transition
between formats a little easier.
o Fix sb_xmlrpcserver to work with the renamed (since 1.0a5)
o Fix the sense of include_trained in sb_mboxtrain.

If you are transitioning from a version older than 1.0a6, please also
read the notes in the previous release notes (accessible from

Other than the changes listed in "Incompatible changes" at the top of
this document, there are no known transition issues.

Reported Bugs Fixed
The following bugs tracked via the Sourceforge system were fixed:
809769, 814322, 816400, 810342, 818552

A URL containing the details of these bugs can be made by appending the
bug number to this URL:

Feature Requests Added
No feature requests tracked via the Sourceforge system were added for this

Patches integrated
No patches tracked via the Sourceforge system were integrated for this

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