PyXML 0.6.1 is released

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Martin von Loewis

Oct 8, 2000, 3:00:00 AM10/8/00
Version 0.6.1 of the Python/XML distribution is now available. It
should be considered a beta release, and can be downloaded from
the following URLs:

Changes in this version, compared to 0.6.0:

* Support for Python 1.5.2 was restored, as long as no character
set recoding is required

* The 4DOM package was updated.

* Most of the test suite now passes again.

* The tutorial was updated.

Changes of version 0.6.0, compared to 0.5.x:

* The 4DOM package has been integrated into PyXML.

* The package supports now SAX2 interfaces in addition to the
SAX1 interfaces. Currently, pyexpat and xmlproc can serve as SAX2

* The proprietary Unicode type has been removed. Instead,
PyXML now relies on the standard Python Unicode type. In turn, PyXML
0.6.0 will not work with Python 1.5. It has been tested with 2.0b1.

* PyXML now operates on top of the XML package coming in
Python 2.

The Python/XML distribution contains the basic tools required for
processing XML data using the Python programming language, assembled
into one easy-to-install package. The distribution includes parsers
and standard interfaces such as SAX and DOM, along with various other
useful modules.

The package currently contains:

* XML parsers: Pyexpat (Jack Jansen), xmlproc (Lars Marius
Garshol), (Sjoerd Mullender) using the sgmlop.c accelerator
module (Fredrik Lundh).

* SAX interface (Lars Marius Garshol)
* DOM interface (Stefane Fermigier, A.M. Kuchling)
* 4DOM interface from Fourthought (Uche Ogbuji, Mike Olson)
*, for architectural forms processing (Geir Ove Grřnmo)
* Various utility modules and functions (various people)
* Documentation and example programs (various people)

The code is being developed bazaar-style by contributors from the
Python XML Special Interest Group, so please send comments, questions,
or bug reports to <>.

For more information about Python and XML, see:

Martin v. Löwis

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