[Ann] Graphic Vision File Manager 2.63

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Jason Burgon

Dec 18, 2007, 11:20:42 AM12/18/07
I've just uploaded the latest version of my free GVFM file browser to my


Graphic Vision File Manager is a fully graphical, multi-windowed,
multi-paned file manager with drag-n-drop functionality, built-in plain text
editor, M$ Windows-like start menu and long file name capability. GVFM will
run on any MS-DOS 3.1+ or clone with an 80386 or higher, or in a Windows
9x/ME dos box.

New to GVFM version 2.62 and 2.63 are:

° Support for 32bpp (TrueColor) video modes.
° Custom colour schemes can be created, saved and loaded.
° Text editor 'Edit History' window added.
° User definable (tiled) desktop wallpaper.
° New device driver/operating system abstraction model.
° Improved 'Change Video Mode' dialog box.
° New or improved palettes, wallpaper and destop pictures.
° Batch file to create a HDPMI16.EXE/RTM.DLL/DPMLDR16.EXE version of GVFM.
° Double-buffering of the screen saver for a flicker-free display.
° Some new fonts added and others improved.
° The local pop-up menus of the text Editor, File and Folder panes can now
be invoked from the keyboard via the [Alt]+[F10] key combination.
° Small enhancements and bug fixes.

Please note that GVFM is unlikely to run [properly] on NTVDM (Windows 2000,
XP and Vista), but should be happy as Larry running under DOS or in a
Windows 9x DOS box.


Jason Burgon - author of Graphic Vision

Manfred Kolbe

Oct 22, 2020, 3:32:14 AM10/22/20
Is Jason Burgon still reachable anywhere?
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