SQL or RPC or .. How to grab data from M Database ?

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Curts Kropes

Oct 18, 2022, 12:24:12 PM10/18/22
A little background here :
So, I have an extensive programming background in Mumps...
yea... 20 years ago.. hehehe.

I currently run a technology based non profit org in Honolulu Hawaii - This is us : www.HawaiianHope.org - In addition to giving away thousands of free computers, we design web based data systems that other non profits use to mange their day to day operations.

We have an existing product that has been in operations for 15 years now,. Well, We are now working on a complete overhaul and expansion to the system. With this update and expansion of capability, we are looking and debating to use either MS-SQL, MySQL, or Mumps as the main data store.

While the existing product uses MSSQL, we have pretty much ruled out MSSQL for the new system simply because of the cost factor. The new system will be marketed nation wide and will end up having a lot more users and that equates to a significant expense on the cost of licensing. Even as a non profit getting discounts, it will cost us over $10,000 per server just for MSSQL to go that route, and that is before we expand and take on a lot of new users.

SO, Now We are debating MySQL or even potentially GT.M / Mumps as the main data store.

So.. Here is the question :
Considering I have been out of the Mumps environment for over 15 years, I would like to know what type of tools or methods are available now to interchange data between a web server and a Mumps system ?
I saw mentions of an SQL tool in the previous conversations, but looks like the link is dead.. I remember using - I think it was RPC ? when i worked with the VA. I thought there was some type of other "broker" tool where you could send a request into an M system and get back a pile of data as an object.
Is there any type of TCP/UDP communications protocols ?

It does not have to be an SQL type of command, can even be some type of remote call like "Hey, run this M routine with these parameters and toss the data back out at me" But yea, what is the latest methods to interact with M data from a web server, Linux or Windows.


K.S. Bhaskar

Oct 18, 2022, 1:29:33 PM10/18/22
[KSB] Our view at YottaDB is that persistent data (i.e., global variables) are at the core, and we make them accessible via M (https://docs.yottadb.com/ProgrammersGuide); other languages - today C, Go, Lua, Node.js, Perl, Python, and Rust (https://docs.yottadb.com/MultiLangProgGuide); and SQL (https://docs.yottadb.com/Octo). It is 100% free / open source and is upward compatible with GT.M, being built on the same source code (https://yottadb.com/use-cases/gt-m-compatibility/).

– Bhaskar

K.S. Bhaskar

Oct 18, 2022, 1:31:49 PM10/18/22
I also forgot to mention layered software, like the web server (https://gitlab.com/YottaDB/Util/YDB-Web-Server).

– Bhaskar

Maury Pepper

Oct 18, 2022, 4:56:07 PM10/18/22
You will likely find a lot of answers and solutions at: https://www.mgateway.com
The related google group site: https://groups.google.com/g/enterprise-web-developer-community
For starters, I suggest you look at the Sept 29 posting, "Announcing glsdb".

Good luck
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