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Modula-2 support for GeSHi syntax highlighter

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Emm Two

Apr 23, 2010, 12:38:08 AM4/23/10
When the Modula-2 support file for GeSHi from
was passed on to the GeSHi project for inclusion in the distribution,
the maintainer raised some evidently minor issues such as formatting
and some kind of test.

Although the GeSHi maintainer is the most qualified person to do
whatever he asks for, he seems reluctant to accept the contribution.
Unfortunately, neither myself nor anyone I know amongst those
interested in Modula-2 have PHP skills and we simply do not understand
enough PHP to know just what it is the maintainer asks for. The
Modula-2 GeSHi file works for us without any problems.

If there is somebody with PHP skills who is interested in "official"
support for Modula-2 in GeSHi (and the SVN viewer and other software
using GeSHi) please could you volunteer some time to make the file
comply with the standards the GeSHi maintainer is asking for. The best
place for contact is the Modula-2 IRC channel. Thanks.

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