Mailing of Proposed BSI Standard Modula-2 I/O Library Def Mods.

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Roger Henry

Aug 19, 1987, 5:34:45 AM8/19/87
Over the next few days, five mailings of the Proposed BSI I/O Library
Definition Modules will be made. This version has been produced
following decisions made by the BSI group IST/5/13 in June 1987
but has not yet been reviewed by that group. The following copyright
notice applies in all cases:

(* Proposed BSI Standard Modula-2 I/O Library
* Copyright Roger Henry, University of Nottingham
* Version WG/2.0, August 17th 1987
* Permission is given to copy this Definition Module, with the
* copyright notice intact, for the purposes of evaluation and test.
* At the stage of a formal draft standard, Copyright will be transferred
* to BSI (and through BSI to other recognised standards bodies).
* Status: For review by BSI/IST/5/13

The five mailings are organised as follows:

Numbers of pre-opened channels
1 StdIO Standard channel number variables

High-level I/O of characters, lines and new-lines
1 Char I/O of characters
1 Line I/O of the contents of lines or parts of lines
1 Nl Skipping and writing of new lines

High-level I/O of basic types with conversion from and to character sequences
1 Int INTEGER I/O with conversion
* Card CARDINAL I/O with conversion
* Real REAL I/O with conversion
* Bool BOOLEAN I/O with conversion

Common conversion modules
1 ConvTypes Types used in conversions from and to characters
1 ConvReports Handling of input conversion reports

Modules related to character handling and conversions
2 CharIs predicates for character class testing
2 IntConv INTEGER/String conversions
* CardConv CARDINAL/String conversions
* RealConv REAL/String conversions
* BoolConv BOOLEAN/String conversions

High-level generic I/O without conversion
% Gen Reading, skipping and writing types without conversion

Identification of channels
3 Channel Channel numbers and allocation of channel numbers

Non data transfer generic operations on devices linked to channels
3 Device General properties of/operations on linked devices

Opening devices/device instances and special operations on devices
3 Term Basic terminal device driver
3 SFile Sequential files device driver
3 RFile Random access files device driver

File Directory operations
% DirOps Directory operations on closed files (Delete ..)

Device independent I/O of storage units and characters
4 In non-buffered calls of device read routines
4 BuffIn Buffered input allowing lookahead
4 Out calls of device write routines

Error handling and termination
5 IOTermination Actions on program termination
5 IOErrors device error handling manager

The low-level link between channels and devices
5 Drivers interface for device drivers and indirect calls

1 first mailing
2 second mailing
3 third mailing
4 fourth mailing
5 fifth mailing
* Not in current distribution
(Modelled on corresponding INTEGER modules)
% Not yet specified

For those of you who have not seen earlier versions of the library,
you should be aware that many of the module and procedure naming conventions
assume the use of qualified identifiers.

Trial Implementation Modules are available to implementors under licence.
Please contact me if you are interested.

Roger Henry.

Roger Henry
Computer Science Department,
University of Nottingham, Nottingham, NG7 2RD, England
Nottingham (0602 or +44 602) 506101 extension 2855
Electronic Mail Addresses:
ARPANET: rbh%cs.not...@UCL-CS.ARPA
UUCP: rbh%cs.not...@ukc.uucp

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