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New version of Aglet Modula-2 for Amiga OS4

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Olafur Gunnlaugsson

Mar 8, 2012, 9:05:26 PM3/8/12

release 3.2 Feb 15, 2012 changes from release 3.1 Apr 5, 2011

Compiler - Mod2 v3.2 Beta (13.2.2012)

- Some programs, if started from WB, hung WB on exit.
- CAP() was generating bad code in some circumstances.
- Proc Setsreg(), set special PPC reg, implemented.
- Code generatation errors for DIV/MOD on structured vars.
- Compiler index exception with "-list" CLI switch.
- Some undefined pointer declarations were undetected.
- FOR limit and index var must be expression compatible.
- FOR limit of MIN/MAX(CARDINAL/INTEGER) was broken.
- "VAL(REAL, r)" when r is a REAL is now accepted.
- Overflow detection for small sized wholes: INTEGER8, etc.
- The executable's Version string is now Amiga standard.

- Local modules are now fully implemented.
- FOR loop Code generation improved.
- SYSTEM.TSIZE() function with one parameter implemented.
- Per ISO, T/SIZE() on a var must be an "entire designator".
- ISO alternative tokens for "{" and "[" accepted.
- Literal strings can contain any char except 0C, LF/CR/FF.
- Embedded assembler recognizes fsqrt and fsqrts.

M2IDE - M2IDE v0.6 (02/02/2012)

- Proj Global Text Search feature added.
- Help Hint Bubbles.
- doc via a menu option.
- Executable File Icon will be optionally created.
- Unfound Files clearly marked in the project window.
- Warning if parsing the IMPORT section of a file fails.
- Much bigger projects are accepted.
- Unique PIPE Names used for each session.
- "Mark All Mods Uncompiled" on menu.
- Skeleton Pgm Module will be created if necessary.
- Link Result Status is clearly shown.
- C NewLib .so lib can be chosen to implement ISO RealMath.
- Spaces in Paths should work better now.
- M2Amiga alias IMPORT syntax is tolerated (not supported).

Mod2Lnk - Mod2Lnk v0.5 (12/21/2011)

- Exit status reflects all steps of Mod2Lnk, as, and ld.
- Option for "" for REAL/LONGREAL transcendentals.

Aglet Modules

- IconSupport bugfixes
added ReadProjIcon(), WriteToolIcon().
- SimpleGUI bugfixes
- HashT bugfixes
Increased the MaxTableSize to 500000.
String hash func is a better one.
- PipeIO added OpenPipeUnique().
added ReadTimeoutExceptionOn/Off().
- MachineEnv added GetTotalmemory().
- ArgsSupport supporting very long lines.

Amiga Modules

- Most DEF mods synched to SDK release 53.20.
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