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Modula-2 R10 Compiler Source Code Repository

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B. Kowarsch

Jul 18, 2010, 6:06:44 AM7/18/10
We now have a consolidated Modula-2 R10 repository that contains

* a plain text version of the specification
* the EBNF grammar and syntax diagrams
* the sources for the standard library
* the sources for the reference compiler
* the syntax diagram generator

The repository is located at:

An RSS feed of commits is at:


Project statistics are provided by Ohloh at:

So far the compiler consists of a lexer, parser and driver program,
various libraries for token sets, key-value storage and OS independent
pathname processing. An abstract syntax tree builder/walker is work in
progress and the code generator is based on an already completed
template engine. However, these components have not been imported into
the repository yet.

At present the imported compiler codebase consists of 7000 lines of
code and 7000 lines of comments and blanks. AST and code generator
will presumably add another 5000-7000 lines of code. Unit tests can be
expected to add about the same amount of code to the project.

Developers and unit testers use the IRC Modula-2 channel on freenode
for collaboration, and new members are welcome to join the team
(currently five strong).


Mar 25, 2011, 7:15:58 PM3/25/11
to B. Kowarsch
What is the status of Modula-2 R10?

Can one download a zip or tar file?

Christoph Schlegel

Mar 28, 2011, 7:50:18 AM3/28/11
Am 26.03.2011 00:15, schrieb Marco:
> What is the status of Modula-2 R10?
> Can one download a zip or tar file?

There is a "get source" package button (upper right of the page) where
your preferred archive format (zip, gz etc) can be selected.

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