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Announcement: Squeakymail CL-based email classifier source released and running online

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May 3, 2003, 4:45:01 PM5/3/03


We at Genworks have put together an email classifier, called
"Squeakymail," based on Paul Grahams "Plan for Spam"

You can configure it to pull mail from an existing POP3 server. It
then classifies it, builds up statistical token tables in memory and
saved periodically on the filesystem, and puts the good messages in
/var/mail/ on the machine on which it is running. If you then want to
run your own POP server on your machine, you will essentially have a
spam-filtering POP proxy.

There is a simple web-based interface for training the filter and
confirming its pre-classifications. You can also set up explicit

Squeakymail has been tested with Allegro CL 6.2 on Linux and
Solaris. It does use some Allegro-specific features, such as the
post-office package.

The source code is available on sourceforge:

and has been submitted for inclusion on Franz' Examples page at:

Squeakymail is also described in the recently updated
Basic_Lisp_Techniques text, available from:

We are also starting a commercial service based on Squeakymail. It is
hosted at:

At some point in the future we plan to start charging $3.33 monthly
for the service. Currently, you can use and help us test the service
for free.


Using it now is purely at your own risk -- we will not be held
responsible for lost mails or any other mail function
malfunction. Be aware that the online version deletes all mails from
your POP server after pulling them in for classification and storing
them on the Squeakymail POP server.


But we do appreciate feedback from anyone willing to help us test it,
and we will do our reasonable best to support users during this early
beta-testing period.

We are not using sourceforge for CVS, only for the tarball file
releases -- so if you would like to submit code or suggestions, please
get in touch with me personally or post to one of the Squeakymail
discussion forums on sourceforge.


David J Cooper Jr, Genworks International
+1 248-910-0912

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