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Starlisp simulator now available

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JP Massar

Apr 2, 2003, 11:34:37 AM4/2/03
A version of the Starlisp simulator
(a simulator for the language Starlisp, a parallel
programming language which ran on the Connection Machine,
some 13 years ago now) is now available thanks to Franz's
source repository:

One or two people had requested this at the Lisp Conference
back in November, and I had started the process of putting
it on SourceForge, but got lazy when the process seemed to
be much more involved than I cared for -- all I wanted was
some public place to dump a .zip file.

So there it is.

(For amusement and edification, I ported the code to ANSI Common Lisp
a couple years ago, from its original CLtL I form. I had completely
lost track of it, but found a version somewhere by Googling, I think
the CMU source repository. The ported version runs or has run on
Allegro, Lispworks, Corman, and CLISP on Windows. I believe I may
have run it on Allegro under Unix too, not sure)

The source code is the release (along with tutorials and example code)
and the source is in the public domain.

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