I made Parsnip - a parser combination library for Common Lisp

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Apr 14, 2022, 1:33:42 PMApr 14
The latest version is on Quicklisp. I want to have a well-developed library, so I'm looking for review on its API, and style used in the code -- if you're looking for a parser combinator library, would you use this?


I made this library after looking to parse a musical notation format. However, nearly all the combinators I've found online are either much too macro-heavy (And so aren't able to take advantage of first-class functions, and is ugly to generate parsers in runtime), or shows that it solves 80% of the problem, then dropped. My target audience is those that read data given by the end-user, like compilers or WYSIWYM editors. My non-audience is high-performance applications reading messages across the network, and I've been reading papers on parser combinator optimization in my personal time to close this gap.

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